The Arcs

Book One of the New Moon Trilogy

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The end.

I fought my way down the stairs. Seventeen flights. Tripping. Tumbling.

Scrambling over others. Shoving them out of the way.

I had to get out.

The deadly cloud swept in. A shadow on the sun.

This is the end.

Through the window, I saw only chaos. Cars used as battering rams. A pickup truck on fire with a horse trailer behind. Thick, greasy smoke.

Explosions. Metal shards whizzing through the air. Then, as the cloud enveloped the city . . . darkness, I didn’t see him.

I didn’t see him.

I didn’t see him.

An excerpt from the journal of Aliyah Estrella
February 7, 2036

The old master drew two lines and two arcs on a sheet of paper. Peering up at his young apprentice, he asked, “Can you make a city out of that?” Burke Isadore believed in the power of his word. But, when he said he would carry forth with the design, he didn’t realize the forces he would unleash. Some promises are best not made.