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Yes, it has occurred to me that I may be wrong. Many before me have devoted their life’s work to it. Thousands. Hundreds of thousands. Yet, no one has ever brought back incontrovertible proof. Oh sure, there are those who say that they know the answer, that they have had the experience. That they know […]

Chapter 1

Black ooze. It bubbled up from the ground, hissing and stinking. It emerged along the gray pathways and in the gravel pits. Sending its stench up into the filthy air, it was ever present and everywhere. A thin spiral of dust briefly touched down, swirling and twisting. And then another. Caught up in their suction […]

Chapter 2

     Rain.      It has a certain smell to it. Especially in the desert. A scent of earth and sky.  You can sense its dampness before it is upon you. Taste it. The Greeks had a name for it. Petrichor. The blood of the gods, fallen from the heavens.      He longed […]