The First Time

The First Time

“Do not despair once you have entered the path, for the Creator assures us of success if the direction of our aspirations is correct.”

Talmud, Psachim


A quote found in the journal of Art Baker


Yes, it has occurred to me that I may be wrong. Many before me have devoted their life’s work to it. Thousands. Hundreds of thousands. Yet, no one has ever brought back incontrovertible proof. Oh sure, there are those who say that they know the answer, that they have had the experience. That they know the truth. And yet . . . it remains one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time.

What if? What if there was a way there and back? Would we then know the answer? Then, would people believe? Would we finally be able to become one? Not a squabbling band of primitives, but one fully united people?

I think about these things a lot. I have dreams. Visions. I do! Call me a mad man. Perhaps its true. Perhaps, I’m just another one of the hundreds of thousands.

But . . . perhaps I’m not.

Journal entry September 21, 2186 Art Baker